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Direct Primary Care for Chino Valley

A new, old-fashioned approach to provide primary care

Clearly priced, membership-based primary care. Helping patients get the care they need from a trusted provider, when they need it, for a clear price, in a convenient manner. Patients enjoy a superior care experience that delivers peace of mind, comfort, affordability and convenience without restrictions, barriers, or frustration.

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Patient Driven Care 

Our vision is centered around the provider and patient relationship. We believe direct patient care allows us to provide the best care possible. Our team strives to lift-up and support each, and every patent. We hope you will join us where you will come in as a patient and leave as a friend.

Care that is available to everyone 

At Western Heritage Health and Wellness, we do not discriminate against insurance plans. Our membership-based care is open to everyone, everywhere. We strive to make our patients experience one above any other. 

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