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At Western Heritage Health and Wellness we will work with you to improve your health through all means. After much research we have chosen to become distributors of LifeVantage products. We want to help you build your body's defenses to fight aging and reduce the free radicals that harm our cells.
Call us for an appointment to learn more about LifeVantage.

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You get to decide what your healthy lifestyle looks like

A healthy lifestyle is doing things that make you happy and feel good. This is different for everyone. We specialize in helping you find a weight loss system that will work for you. Let us help you find what your healthy lifestyle looks like, set goals and reach them.


Call or stop by and visit with us about our weight loss options.



Nrf2- helps activate your body's ability to produce antioxidants that protect cells that line your heart and blood vessels from oxidative stress/inflammation to maintain healthy circulation.

Nrf1- maximizes the energy your body has available to power your heartbeat.

NAD- Double your body’s own production of sirtuins to support overall health and longevity, energy, focus, and mood.

Probio- Get 6 strains of beneficial bacteria delivered deep into your gut to promote a healthy balance in your microflora to support a healthy body.

Omega+ delivers essential fatty acids that keep your cells, blood vessels, and arteries flexible to maintain healthy blood flow.

Daily wellness-Proactive support for a healthy and robust immune system in a delicious elderflower-acai flavored drink mix.

Axio-Energy supplement in a drink mix to power your mind and body without crash or jitters.

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