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As a family care practice, the value of one-on-one provider-patient relationship will benefit patients through providing continuous and consistent healthcare while providing culturally competent, compassionate, holistic care based on education, health promotion, and primary prevention.

             Included in your monthly membership

  • Unlimited office visits

  • Telehealth visits               

  • Wellness and Prevention                       

  • Chronic condition care                                  

  • Women’s exam                                 

  • Suturing                                                     

  • Sports physicals

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Everyday care for families and children

  • Kenalog injection

  • Prescriptions, specialist & surgery referrals

  • In house lab draw

  • 1 yearly set of standard labs included

  • Discounted labs, imaging and medications  

  • No co-pays or hidden pricing

  • Half off IV therapy

  • Hormone Replacement 

  • Weight loss 

  • Vitamin Injections (up to 4 a month free/ half off additional injections)


     Age - 2-20

children with a paying adult


     Age - 21-54


     Age - 55-64


     Age - 65 +

                              Call for membership availability
     Family, employer, student and military Discounts 

                          Small registration fee of 25.00

We are a membership based practice. You must be an active member to be seen in office. 

We offer a free consultation visit if you would like more information.

Call 928-636-3269

Vitamin injection glass bottles on beige background.jpg

Choose from the following vitamin injections included with your monthly membership-

  • Vitamin D

  • B12

  • Lipo B

  • Glutathione

  • 1 Kenalog injections a year


Delivering health care through technology with computers and mobile phones to provide care to underserved communities in rural areas. 
There’s a lot of Pioneer Compassion in her roots, but Kim brings with her 21st Century modern treatment methods. If you are rural, or sick or just can’t come to the office Western Heritage Health and Wellness offers telehealth visits that can work on your schedule.

Lab                        Standard Pricing                              Our pricing


CBC__                                      68.00                              6.00

CMP:                                      147.00                              6.00

TSH:                                      158.00                               5.00

Lipid Panel:                          131.00                               6.00 

HGB A1C                                 83.00                               5.00                                                   

       This set of labs are included in member's yearly panel       


This is our standard lab panel commonly ordered, we offer discounts on over 500 different add on labs for our members! 


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