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Mona Warfield

Seven generations of Kim’s family have lived and served in the Prescott area since the early 1940’s.  Mona (Lane) Warfield was responsible for starting one of the first nursing homes in Northern Arizona, and did not fully retire from walking the halls of that facility until she was well into her 80s.

(shown in the photo of three women with two nurses are: Left to right: Lurline Lane, Mona’s mother, who nursed and taught on the reservation near Flagstaff. Center is Mona in her cap and uniform. Far right is Lola Mae Roberts, Mona’s oldest daughter. This photo was taken in front of Mother Warfield’s Nursing Home that was on Dameron Drive.)

In the uniform is Mona’s daughter, Charlane (Roni) Harper who served during WWII. She died in the Pioneer’s Home at the age of 92, having served this community faithfully for over 60 of those years. Roni is Kim’s maternal Grandmother.

Mona is Kim’s Great Grandmother, and her family tree boasts over 30 family members who have followed in her footsteps serving the medical community in Arizona. 

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